Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cake Blog

I have created yet another blog!

People keep asking to see my cakes so I decided to create a blog that is just cake photos. I figured this would make it easier on those looking to see them since they won't have to wade through all kinds of back posts to find what they want to look at. :) I may occasionally post a cake on here but I think for the most part they will go to the new one.

Hopefully I'll actually post something worth reading on this one from time to time! :)

Shannon actually named this blog without even knowing it: FranCakes (of course!)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun with Fondant...

I've been taking another cake class, this time on fondant. It's a type of frosting that is rolled out and has a kind of a chewy texture, sort of like a tootsie roll. I have made fondant out of marshmallows (tastes like marshmallows and powdered sugar) and I've made one with white chocolate (that tasted good!) I do plan to explore some of the other flavorings because I can never leave well enough alone. :)

This first cake is the class cake we did. It's my first ever cake covered in fondant and it was pretty fun stuff to work with! I took it to church and fed it to everyone there so I didn't even eat a piece of this one! It was white cake with raspberry filling and buttercream under the marshmallow fondant.

These next ones are baby shower cupcakes that I did for my Sister in law, Michelle. I loved making these little guys! I thought they turned out pretty cute too! :) The cupcakes were chocolate with chocolate ganache filling. I frosted them with regular buttercream then put the white chocolate fondant decorations on top.

Some are awake and some are sleeping...

They have little bitty binkies (star shaped cookie decorations)...

I did twenty nine of them total and it took me HOURS!!!!

All the blankets are different too...