Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Several months ago I, along with everyone else it seems, created a Facebook profile. I had it for a few months but didn't really get into it. I think it was mostly because I was so busy I just didn't want one more thing taking up my time. Once we realized we would be making a change I decided to delete my profile rather than have people wondering what to do with me once I'd left. I didn't want anyone to worry about whether it was mean to delete me even though they never spoke to me or saw me anymore.

I was pretty glad to do it because like I said, I was super busy and just really didn't want to deal with it. All the poking and sending of little gifts, it seemed like every time I signed on I had about a million notifications to deal with. So I went offline in that respect and never intended to go back on.

Yeah, well, that didn't last very long because every family member and friend I have continuously asked me if I was "on Facebook." Nope, I was the last human in the United States who didn't have a profile it seemed!

I'm ?? years old and I gave in to peer pressure!

Yeah, I got all signed back up with a new e-mail so I didn't cause the problem I'd hoped to avoid the first time. Got my profile set up, put some pictures up and found a few people to be my friend. I think I had maybe four that first day and they were all related to me. At first I wanted to be totally incognito and not let anyone know I was on but then I kind of figured that defeated the purpose so I loosened my controls up a little bit.

Very, very quickly I began having things thrown at me (meatpies, Obama, Michael Phelps, groundhogs, etc.) I was also wrapped in bubble wrap, drop kicked, I was slapped with a trout, fought crime with someone and flashdanced with someone else. I've been given chocolates, strawberries, cupcakes, cocoa; I'm so glad these are all virtual and I don't have to count calories for them!

I have even adopted a pet dragon that I named Dibl and have to spend some time playing with him or he gets very sad. I also have to play with the pets that belong to my friends because it would just be rude not to.

One thing that's gotten me this time around is just how small Facebook (and apps. like it) make the world. I'm connected to family and friends in several different states as well as other countries. People I would only e-mail occasionally before I now converse with several times a week. (I'm really enjoying that part!) I've also reconnected with people I haven't talked to in 10 - 15 years! People I used to go to church with and lost touch, people who were friends years ago that I haven't kept in contact with...it's been very fun in that respect.

Today while I was waiting for my bread to autolyse (read; while I was wasting time) I started searching around. On a whim I decided to search for my old Junior High and it turns out there is already a group! I didn't join but I did spend some time poking around.

It brought back a lot of memories! I was there in the mid-eighties when were were just finishing up our disco phase and going into the flashdance phase. I remember it being all big hair and braces, bell bottoms (do you remember Seattle Blues and Normandy Rose jeans?) and bare shoulders. I sacrificed several sweatshirts so I could look that cool! We had Duran Duran, Culture Club, Madonna...how could we not be cool?!

Ok, flashback is over. I really don't have anything spiritual or insightful to say here. I'm going to go read that verse about "redeeming the time" now. :D

But first I have to feed my dragon...

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